HYM 80 Dough Kneading - 60 kg Flour

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HYM 80 Dough Kneading - 60 kg Flour

HYM 80


It is a classic dough kneading machine. There aren't any motors for the bowl, it turns during the kneading process. Designed for kneading dough and meat products. It has JEEP differential and can mix doughs with low water consumption. The dough surfaces area is made from 304Q stainless steel and is sanitary. Constant with the efficient standing system. Silent running without vibration. Produced in CE standards. It has one speed, second speed is optional. Optional stainless body. One year warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.


Capacity  : 60 kg Flour / 100 kg Dough / 160 Lt.
Width (mm)  : 1000
Length (mm) : 1270
Height (mm)  : 1085
Boiler diameter (mm)  : 800
Engine three phase  (kw)  : 1,5 kw
Weight of the machine (kg) : 325