Conical Dough Rounding Machine

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Conical Dough Rounding Machine

HKC 01


Makes the process of rolling out the dough. The conical body and leaves are made of aluminum, the body is made of stainless steel sheet. Rolls out the dough without cutting and in the standard way. As a standard, the machine is produced in 3 types of grams of 50-150 grams, 100-600 grams and 400-1000 grams. It is guaranteed for 1 years against manufacturing and installation defects. Teflon coated conic is optional.


Capacity (hour/quantity)

: 2500 Pieces
Width (mm) : 900
Length (mm)    : 900
Height (mm)   : 1500
Engine Three Phase (kw) : 1,1 / 380V
Machine Weight (kg)    : 195